Streets and Sanitation

Street Sweeping Schedule 2017

Street Sweeping in the City of Chicago is based on the Old Ward Maps. You may click on the link below and check your street sweeping schedule by ward.

You can still contact the 30th Ward Service Office if you have any questions regarding sweeping in the old or new wards.

Street Sweeping by Ward

Street Sweeping by Address




You are now able to look up the days when your can expect the garbage and recycling to be picked up.

Streets & Sanitation Garbage/Recycle Pick up Schedule

 For more information, call 311 or visit



Shoveling your Sidewalk

It’s the neighborly thing to do! (It’s also the law)

Make Chicago Safe for everyone by clearing snow and ice from the public sidewalks around your property.

We are all pedestrians at some point in the day, whether walking to the bus, to a car, or to a neighborhood store. Without a wide, clear path, snow and ice on the sidewalk makes it difficult for everyone — especially people with disabilities, seniors, and children — to walk safely.

Be a good neighbor and offer help to those in your community who are physically unable to clear their own sidewalks.

Chicago Municipal Code, sections 4-4-310 and 10-8-180, specifies that both homes and businesses must clear snow from sidewalks next to their property.

Download SnowDoorHanger

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