Police Districts Serving the 30th Ward
16th District Police         17th District Police           25th District Police

5151 N. Milwaukee Ave          4650 N. Pulaski Rd.                    5555 W. Grand Ave

Chicago, IL 60630                   Chicago, IL 60630                      Chicago, IL 60639

312-742-4480                           312-742-4410                              312-746-8605

CAPS 312-742-4521               CAPS 312-742-4588                  CAPS 312-746-5090

 Obey Curfew!!

Pursuant to Municipal Code Section 8-16-020, curfew hours are:

For youth under 12 years old: in by 8:30 pm Sunday through Thursday

In by 9:00 pm Friday and Saturday

For youth from 12 through 16 years old: in by 10:00 pm Sunday through Thursday

In by 11:00 pm Friday and Saturday


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